JOHN DOE - Taylor County (FL) Sheriff's Office
Forensic Sculpture of
Unidentified Caucasion Male
Case Number: 2000-08-147
Taylor County Sheriff's Office   
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Approximate Height 5'6"-6'3"
Approximate Age 35-50s
Date Reported 08/09/00
Date of Death: At Least 1 year

On August 9th, 2000 skeletal remains  were found in rural Taylor County by a pair of hunters.

The following items were found at the scene: Sony Walkman/headphones; A Panasonic portable CD Player with headphones; A John Coltrane CD; Georgio Armani Reading Glasses; black and blue wrist watch; Lucky Strike cigarettes; a bottle of E & S Brandy; mans sports coat (40r); London Fog slicker coat size (42L); wool pants (approximately size 36 waist); brown leather belt (size 35/36); blue long sleeved button up shirt (medium); white t-shirt (medium);  Size 10 1/2 shoes; and a cloth hat as depicted in the above images (size 7 1/8-7 1/4). The victim suffered from degenerative joint disease. No hair was found at the scene, therefore, the hair depicted in the reconstruction is an approximation.

Anyone with information on the possible identity of this individual, should contact Lt. Ron Rice ( ricer@flcjn.net ) with the Taylor County Sheriff's Office at 850.838.3505 . 

Map of approximate location where victim was located