JANE DOE - Jacksonville (NC) Police Department
Crime Scene Photos
Forensic Sculpture of
Unidentified Caucasion Female
Case Number: 957000
Jacksonville (NC) Police Dept.   
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Approximate Height 5'6"
Approximate Age 32-38
Date Reported 12/6/95
Date of Homicide: Unknown

On December 6th, 1995 a surveyor attempting to locate marking stakes located a complete set of skeletal remains in the wooded area adjacent to Courts Plus on US Highway 17 in Jacksonville, NC.

Examination by a forensic anthropologist found the victim to be a white female between the ages of 32 and 38 and was about 5'06" (5'4" - 5'7") in height.

The victim had expensive and extensive dental work.

Money and jewelry were present around the remains of the victim.

The victim is believed to have been in this location for less than two years.

This case was assigned a case number through the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program of the FBI (96-NC-4)

If you have information on this unresolved case, please call the Jacksonville Police Department at (910) 455-1472 or Use our Feedback Page. Please refer to case number 957000.