JANE DOE - El Cajon, California

Forensic Sculpture of
Unidentified Caucasion Female
Case Number: 98-014800
El-Cajon Police Dept.
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Approximate Height 5'2"
Approximate Weight 110
Approximate Age mid 30s
Date Reported 08/13/98
Date of Death: 2-3 Weeks

Jane Doe


SYNOPSIS: Officers are called to the 1300 block of Avocado. The finder stated he located the victims partially covered body in heavy vegetation. The victim is a White, possibly Hispanic or Asian female, mid 30s, 5'2" 120 lbs, light brown hair, and has given birth to at least one child. The victim has remained unidentified.

Victim had light brown hair and was wearing a 6" herringbone bracelet on her left wrist. She was wearing a beige floral patterned bra and three pairs of pants. Outer pair of pants were black Docker-type pants with pleats, middle pair were white pants with an elastic waistband and the inner pants were black with an elastic waistband. The decedent had two shirts with her. One shirt was a dark blue men's t-shirt. the second shirt was a light blue men's extra large with a yellow logo printed on front and back. The logo read, "Woodruff Warriors 20 Year Reunion 1971-1991." Decedent was wearing a black pair of Route 66 shoes, size 6 1/2.

If you have any information regarding this case please contact the Cold Homicide Unit of the El Cajon Police Department. coldhomicideunit@ci.el-cajon.ca.us or 619-441-5530.


Location where victim was located