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   The links on this page are not "endorsed" by the webmaster, but only provide a link to the various forensic art related sites around the United States and the World. 

IAI Forensic Art Discipline and Certification
Evidential Art-- Janet Richardson
Facial Images -- Karen  T. Taylor
RealSculpt - Seth Wolfson 
Michigan State Police Forensic Artists
Ask A Forensic Artist - Lisa Bailey
Facial Artistry - Lois Gibson - www.loisgibson.com
Steve Mancusi - www.forartist.com
The Identification Process
International Association for Identification
Gloria Nusse - Clay and Bones
Expert & Consultant Directory
Faces From the Past
The Skull Module
The Skull
Craniofacial Identification
Scottsdale Artist School
Gil Zamora - Sketch-Artist.com
Search for Forensic Art Literature
E-fit Computerized Composite Program
Facette Computer Composites
New Castle, DE Forensic Artists
Photo Enhancement
Rick Jernigan -- Forensic Sculpture / Fine Art
Online Composite Sketching Courses

Arhaeology - Archaeological News and Information

Sherry Schuller - Drawing and Sketching

Crimes and Clues

Great Police Links

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