Computer-Generated and hand-drawn age-progressions are done both for suspect and victim identification. Family members of persons that have been missing for an extended period of time, as well as investigators can benefit from an age-progression. The most common usage for the age-progression is to assist in the capture of wanted fugitives. Often, suspects are wanted for crimes and have not been located;  the only available photographs are outdated. The artist then takes into consideration all the variables involved with the natural process of the aging of the human face. Information is gathered on the suspect or victim, such as: lifestyle, genetics (for weight considerations) and hair loss, occupations, etc. By utilizing all  this information, the artist can produce an educated estimation on how the individual should look. When  doing age-progressions with the computer, programs like PhotoShop are used to paint directly on a digitized photograph of the suspect. When a quality photograph is not available, a hand drawn sketch may be done in lieu of the computer; both methods are tried and proved  Going hand in hand with the age-progressions, is image enhancement.

With image enhancement, the artist is able to add features such as eyeglasses, mustaches, beards, hats, different hair styles, and numerous other items as requested. This process is extremely useful for bank robbery photos, updating outdated photographs of fugitives, etc..

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