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The 10th Biennial Scientific Meeting of the International Association for Craniofacial Identification
Facial Reconstruction - Individualizing Australian Facial Reconstruction
Clay and Bones Computerized Facial Reconstruction
Craniofacial Identification Education Craniofacial Identification
Cranial Facial Identification in Forensic Medicine Forensic Imaging Group
Evidential Art - Janet Richardson Dept. of  Forensic Pathology - Univ. of Sheffield
Helix 52 -Face From the Past Faces From the Past
Forensic Science Communications (FBI) Human Identification Centre
The Historical Exhumation Project The Identification Process
Karen Taylors new Forensic Art Bible Neville's Forensic Art Service
Mummy Facial Reconstruction Photo Enhancement
Profiles Services -- Forensic Art Scottsdale Artist School -- Forensic Art Courses
The Skull Stanford Computerized Facial Reconstruction
Stuart and Carrie Parks - Forensic Art Consultants University of Tennessee Anthropology
3D Reconstruction Using Spiral CT Methods IAI Forensic Art Discipline & Certification
Reconstruction of Facial Features of Deceased Maricopa County SO Forensic Artist - Bob Powers
Facial Recognition Links Modeling Age, Obesity, and Ethnicity in 3D
Pearl St. Facial Reconstruction


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